Hello! I’m Ruien Wang (王睿恩 in Chinese), currently a graduate student of cognitive neuroscience at the Department of Psychology working with Prof. Anita Tusche in Queen’s Neuroeconomics Lab at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.

During my undergraduate study at the University of Macau, I worked with Prof. Haiyan Wu in Affective Neuroscience & Decision-Making lab and did some work on oxytocin & face perception, motivated dishonesty, as well as individual difference of neurophysiological representations of emotional experiences (5-min intro to this work). These research experiences made me want to dedicate my life to the field of social neuroscience.

Generally, I’m interested in understanding the individual differences of social affective behavior in real-world, and the underlying neural & computational mechanism; I’m also interested how these individual differences infleunce well-being. To achieve these goals, I mainly utilize behavioral experiments, experience sampling, eye-tracking, neuroimaging, and computational modeling.

For further details, please the Research Section.